Counseling and Support for Impaired Professionals

Do you:

  • Take prescription drugs that were not prescribed for you?
  • Drink more than you intend to?
  • Lie to someone you care about?
  • Act out sexually in a way that you know is wrong for you and/or your partner?
  • Have mood swings that are affecting your work or home life?
  • Have an anger problem?
  • Believe you have a problem?
  • Have legal problems as a result of drinking, drugs, mental health, or sex? 
  • Have serious marital problemss due to your behavior?


Sometimes you get to a place in life where you need help. When you are stuck; when you can't move forward even though you know you need to do something, talking with a licensed and well-trained counseling professional can make all the difference.  

Whether your issue is about problems with alcohol, drugs, sex, relationships, workplace issues, boundary issues, depression, anxiety, stress, or something else, if it's not getting better with what you have done so far, now is the time to seek assistance.


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